Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My daily menu

Being in confinement is not fun.
But i guess, 'tepuk dada, tanya selera'.
If you want to be 'pretty n healthy' in future,
Sacrifice today is needed.
I am personally no issues of following pantang larang aka, tak leh mkn ayam taut gatal.
n stuff!
But when u asked me to minum ibu kunyit pagi-pagi... (hurmmmmmmmmm)
I'll tell you more on my confinement experienced!
Above are my normal daily menu while below what i normally eat.
9am : Hot milo and Cereal/Oats
12pm : Rice with steam fish and steam vege
4pm : Hot milo and Tiger Cookies
7pm : Rice with ikan panggang and steam vege
10pm: A bite of chocolate