Thursday, September 24, 2009

Safe baby handling (funny but facts!)

Found this safe baby handling tips via her. Source found from David and Kelly Sopp's Safe Baby Handling Tips

Funny but its fact. Great tips for mommy to be!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maternity Jeans

A pair of blue jean is a MUST attire in every wardrobe
No excuses to even any pregnant lady!
This is because, nowadays there are many comfy maternity jeans in store
It will make u still look cool & stylo (heheh)

While i was in search of my maternity jeans,
i went to many familiar pregnancy boutiques
eg Modernmum, Mom's Care and Funky Mom
and i finally found it at 9Months boutique.
It is really perfect as it have that faded blue i was looking for,
and it have that size too!

My criteria of 'perfect' maternity jeans :-
1. VERY-VERY Comfy (So i choose 1 larger size of my current fitting)
(Im only 5mths and have another 2-3 months expanding myself)
2. In my budget (Less RM200)
3. That adjustable wasteband

Woohoo... i felt 'chicky mom' already with my blue faded jeans!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quinny Zapp Stroller (With Maxi Cosi Cambrio- Travel System)

Product Description
- A full-sized pushchair that folds so small it can be carried on a bicycle or in a car's passenger footwell has been launched.
- Clip on a Maxi Cosi carseat with the included adaptor kit and convert the Zapp into a travel system.
- Revolutionary Dutch design!
- The new Quinny Zapp has re-invented foldability.
- It measures 69 cm (just over 2 feet) in length when folded ; making it the world's most compact fold ; and is also extremely lightweight, weighing just 6 kilos.
- The Quinny Zapp becomes a full-sized stroller when opened and it's also big on practicality.
- It converts into a travel system for use from birth by clipping on a Maxi Cosi carseat. Is also has a sun canopy and rain cover.
- Once folded, the stroller is so tiny, it folds into it's own coordinated duffle bag.
- Strikingly stylish, the Zapp is a real head-turner.
- Suspension on all three wheels ensures that this is a comfortable buggy to push and to ride in. - - Quick and easy to fold and unfold, manoeuvrable and robust, it's perfect for the school run, shopping trips and days out.
- The Quinny Zapp comes from the same stable as the highly successful Quinny Freestyle 3, the award-winnig three-wheel all-terrain stroller.
- Zapp features:The Zapp is the smallest buggy ever made. (69x27x30cm)Lightweight: Only 6 kg.Ideal for travelling with any kind of transportation (bike, car train, plane)
- Easy to fold
- Highly manoeuvrable front swivel wheelIdeal travel system in combination with Maxi Cosi carseat
- Including sun canopy, raincover, travel bag and adapters
- Easily removable wheels

EN 1888Maxi Cosi: Cabrio Product Descriptions
-Unique Side Protection System offers optimal side protection
- For babies from birth to 15 months (up to 13 kg)
- Unique built-in seat adjuster: depth of the seat can be adjusted to suit the weight of your child
- Integrated sun canopy, always on hand and easy to store
- Practical belt hooks retain seat belt
- Includes support pillow for extra support for head and back
- Ideal 3-in-1 travel system combining the Maxi-Cosi/Quinny stroller and carrycot

Retail Price of both : RM2,057
Our Price : RM1,800

Price Qoute WITHOUT postage/delivery charge

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Phil & Ted

While I was in search for some baby’s gear (saja tengok-tengok),
I found this cool web Phil & Teds.
The fact that they have super cool stuff,
Those are also being sold in Malaysia via its dealer – Mothercare.
Yee haa!

I think I will definitely check them up when the right time come!
I am also impressed with the presentation of the Official Website. So cool.
Check them up here!.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pantang Larang - Ibu Mengandung

Hi guys,

I’m writing, no actually more of compiling this PANTANG LARANG all because my sister seems to be following them quite strictly …to some extend I lost word in giving advise to her from my reading…plus sometimes it makes me laugh especially when she ask me silly question or just a statement like “ Org mengandung kalau mandi malam nnt baby dia suka nangis malam2 “ …or “Org mengandung kena makan semua yg dorang idam sbb nnt if not baby dia akan keluar air liur meleleh jer sbb kempunan” I personally have no offence to those who believe in pantang larang org tua2 / midwives tales, plus with over 29 years of life I lived, I believe in lots of thing – logic tidak semestinya betul, keyakinan berhasil lebih dari usaha etc…so I keep myself amused with all her pantang larang and kepada ibu-ibu mengandung yg sudi membaca, thanks and please read at your own risk : )

P/s : As a muslim, always believe that God is the ultimate decision maker, constant prayer and trust to Allah will always keep you at peace no matter what the outcome will be.
P/s/s: Saya berdoa agar adik dikurniakan bayi perempuan yg sihat dan sempurna akal dan sifatnya. Semoga dia menjadi anak yg solehah dan menghiburkan hati setiap yang mendekatinya. Amin.
So here is some of pantang larang list : -
  1. Avoid air kelapa and nenas during 1st trimester – takut kandungan mudah gugur
  2. Jangan ikat mati benang, plastic and etc – nnt susah bersalin
  3. Jangan mengetuk dinding rumah - dikhuatiri uri bayi akan melekat pada rahim, biarpun bayi telah selamat dilahirkan.
  4. Jangan mandi malam – nnt air ketuban berlebihan.
  5. Jangan banyak minum ais – nnt baby terlalu besar, susah nak lahir.
  6. Jangan lilit tuala pada leher dan pada rambut - dikhuatiri tali pusat akan melilit leher bayi.
  7. Elakkan membuat kerja2 menjahit - dikhuatiri tali pusat anak akan berbelit dan sukar melahirkan.
  8. Jangan tengok cerita seram – nnt baby kenan
  9. Kurangkan mkn pisang – nnt rambut baby terlalu lebat.
  10. Jangan mkn betik muda - getah yg ada padanya menyebabkan kandungan boleh gugur.
  11. Jangan keluar rumah pada waktu petang / senja – nnt hantu usik.
  12. Jangan lihat gerhana bulan / matahari – dikuatiri anak yang bakal lahir cacat / berkulit gelap.
  13. Jangan duduk atas tangga – dikhuatiri mendatangkan kecelakaan kepada ibu waktu nak melahirkan.
  14. Jangan pikul batu – dikuatiri anak dalam kandungan menjadi lumpuh.
  15. Jangan tanam pokok pisang - boleh menyebabkan anak berkepala besar yang luar biasa.
  16. Jangan susun tempurung – nnt anak berkepala botak.
  17. Jangan suka duduk depan pintu - nnt susah baby nak keluar.
  18. Do not allow husband tiup seruling / alat bunyi-bunyian – nnt anak kuat menangis
  19. Do not allow husband sembelih / memburu binatang - dikuatiri anak yg lahir nnt cacat / kenan

* Wallahuallam, yg baik jadi teladan, yang buruk benteng sempadan.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

To be Hot Mommy

If you are an urbun chic mom-to-be,
You are defiinitely tend to be a hot mom too!
(hot-can be define in many ways)
So it all depends on you

Here are some hot celebrity mom :-
1. Kourtney Kardashian
- Simple white top with a lil of accesories will make you look stunning!

2) Heidi Klum
- No matter how busy you are, mom still got to do it all!

3. Sarah Michelle Geller
- Still maintin the 'comfy' to look stunning

4. Brooke Burke
- When u have 'them' with you, you always look 'perfect'

All Pics found from celebrity mom