Sunday, August 23, 2009

Something to share

Alhamdullilah, thanks to Mya, this blog is finally up and welcoming all readers out there to share their moments towards motherhood.

I guess I can’t really share much into this blog (so I'll drop by writing in once in a while) because the fact that I’m not a mother to be is sumthing painful to accept but redha is the key to everything that happen to my entire name of life when sumthing happen not as what you want or expect.

Anyhow I thanks god, for many good reason He actually gave me the chance to feel how it is like to feel pregnant although not for long ( 10 weeks to be exact, when a miscarriage occur after that), as for now I’m hoping and praying that it will happen again sumday and certainly hoping a smooth sailing one : )

I guess is not wrong for me to share a little bit story of mine throughout this never ending journey of motherhood to you readers, as I believe certain things in life is worth sharing even if it is with strangers coz we never know how it can actually touch and help sumone in return.

I’ve been married for about 3 and half year with the same person I fall in love 9 years back, everything happen smooth for us, alhamdullilah with the blessing from our parents we were married in 2006. A year after marriage, we plan to have kids but after 6 months of trying (based on ovulation date and etc) nothing happen, so we decided to go for gynae check-up ( I always believe it is my problem because I never really had a regular period as it can happen like twice a month and always strongly believe that being irregular is the culprit behind all the hassle) , so the gynae confirm that I was diagnosed with PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome ) a failure of the ovary to release eggs and resulted to cumulated cyst in both of the ovaries, what cause this is simply because of hormonal imbalance that has occur during my first moments of having period, the gynae told me to be patience coz there are many treatment for this and one of it was to have the ovarian drilling a procedure where they will puncture the ovary with small incision / hole and the result is that I should have a regular period cycle and ovulation will happen naturally. We went through it…and yes my period is a bit regular although sumtimes it can actually lengthen to a 45 days cycle… (Another issue of how can you track your ovulation when your cycle is longer that normal)…a year later, not wanting to lose hope both me and hubby agree to undergo IUI (intra uterine insemination) sumwhere last nov 2008, but god decide nothing happen. We still try naturally and stop the frequent visit to gynae ( cost and mentally tired, I just gave up in visiting the gynae), Mungkin tuhan tidak mahu hambanya berputus asa…when I was confirmed pregnant in the middle of Feb 2009, a happiness that I can never described for the prayers has actually making a huge progress…well the pregnancy has not really been stable at the very early age, but we try our best to keep it viable, namun Tuhan lebih mengetahui..and finally I had a miscarriage, another sadness that I just do not know how to describe…but alhamdullilah I’m still very much alive and very much at peace…now I can take things a lot ( a lot and lot easier, in fact I told myself…If I’m not chosen to be a mother in this life, I have to accept it and channel my love towards sumthing else or maybe sumone else) no…I’m not giving up, just that I am much at peace now…if it happen again..I thanks God for the chance…and even if it doesn’t happen also, I still thanks God for having this stand now…

I’m happy that Mya is already half through her journey ( sumhow I understand how she felt when she lost all her previous pregnancy) and praying that this will be a successful one. I am happy also that my only sister is ready to be a mother and expecting to deliver by end of nov this year…at least those who I care is realizing the dream…and surely I can enjoy the same happiness ( although not the same) with them :)

Reason why I’m writing this : -
1 – Simply becoz I wanna be part of this blog, although I’m not expecting but I read quite a lot on pregnancy and fertility issue : )
2- An advise to all hoping mother to be, listen to your body needs…eat healthily coz the baby is the product of what you eat, seek for your gynae advise especially on medical issue that can never be explained by your mother, sister or frens.
3- Traditional way may help but let it be just for massage and pure akar kayu medicine to promote your fertility.
4- Learnt to accept everything that happens to us is with a reason that is good for us…sumtimes we cry but we must never forget that there are others who cried more for even greater challenge and obstacle.
5 – Lastly, take things easy in life ( this one is a constant reminder to myself : ))

Luv & Take care people!

Power of Folic Acid

Folic Acid is very important while pregnancy or if you want to get pregnant. Other name includes folate or folacin. Check out some important information ive gathered through my readings on this.

1. Why pregnant lady need Folic Acid?
Ability to prevent birth defect (spinal cord and brain)

2. I’m not pregnant but planning to conceive. Do I to take it?
Yes. Women who don’t get enough may increase chance of miscarriage.

3. What is the suitable intake?
While pregnant ; Daily dosage and Conception ; 3 months before. Standard dose of folic acid is 400 microgram. But please consult on your gyne as it may differ every pregnant lady.

4. Which food contains Folic Acid?
Folid acid is one of the Vitamin B supplement. Other natural food that contain Folic Acid are; Chicken liver, beef liver, asparagus, papaya, broccoli, eggs, orange juice, peanuts, salmon etc.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Old Story for Closure

This is an ‘old’ story of mine
That never been shared at any other blog of Mya & Dyana’s Creations
(Only at Mya’s personal blog!)
But to be able to get this New Project of Mya&Dyana moving forward
I just have to make this a ‘closure’

We both has faces many concerns on pregnancy.
(Which we will be sharing some stories here)
Reason simply our lil experiences could be providing guidance to any other mother-to-be
Insya Allah ..

But my story (Mya) was something painful
I had miscarriaged twice.
Really lowest moment of mylife.
(Dyana’s face this moment too)
Especially keeping up to a stable emotions and hope for tomorrow
Additional to mine were an Ectopic Pregnancy,
That resulted one of my tube fallopian to be thrown away.

And today, (3rd trial) I was declared pregnant.
Learning from previous story,
I decided to fully bed-ridden for 6 weeks
(after knewing I was 5weeks prego)
And getting full medical support & observation by amongst best gyne in KL
(Includes allowing myself to get injections every 2days & consistent duphaston intake)Alhamdulillah.. I am now carrying the baby safely.
Although one of them already pronounced ‘meninggal’ at 10th weeks (It was twins!)
Which they called as ‘twin vanishing syndrome’.
I still thank god for giving me this hope one the survived baby.

So all mother-to-be that reading this humble blog..
Never stop hoping..Cause we, Mya&Dyana believes no matter what confront in our live,
Believing in God will be the best path.

Happy reading mya’s journey to mothership
and many more info & sharing experience about pregnancy
from mya&dyana here at ;

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Re-Birth of hope

Sorry for the very long silence in this blog.
I guees, previously, we just do not have that much passion into it...
As most of my 'work' philosophy must be based with ~ Love & Passion
To be getting very valuable result..

But today, i decided to blog again on this...
Well, may be because of the re-birth of this hope..
(I believed many had heard some news)

I'll be sharing more stories as this blog ...
Tells Story and Stuff for Mommy & Baby...