Friday, August 21, 2009

Old Story for Closure

This is an ‘old’ story of mine
That never been shared at any other blog of Mya & Dyana’s Creations
(Only at Mya’s personal blog!)
But to be able to get this New Project of Mya&Dyana moving forward
I just have to make this a ‘closure’

We both has faces many concerns on pregnancy.
(Which we will be sharing some stories here)
Reason simply our lil experiences could be providing guidance to any other mother-to-be
Insya Allah ..

But my story (Mya) was something painful
I had miscarriaged twice.
Really lowest moment of mylife.
(Dyana’s face this moment too)
Especially keeping up to a stable emotions and hope for tomorrow
Additional to mine were an Ectopic Pregnancy,
That resulted one of my tube fallopian to be thrown away.

And today, (3rd trial) I was declared pregnant.
Learning from previous story,
I decided to fully bed-ridden for 6 weeks
(after knewing I was 5weeks prego)
And getting full medical support & observation by amongst best gyne in KL
(Includes allowing myself to get injections every 2days & consistent duphaston intake)Alhamdulillah.. I am now carrying the baby safely.
Although one of them already pronounced ‘meninggal’ at 10th weeks (It was twins!)
Which they called as ‘twin vanishing syndrome’.
I still thank god for giving me this hope one the survived baby.

So all mother-to-be that reading this humble blog..
Never stop hoping..Cause we, Mya&Dyana believes no matter what confront in our live,
Believing in God will be the best path.

Happy reading mya’s journey to mothership
and many more info & sharing experience about pregnancy
from mya&dyana here at ;

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