Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maternity Jeans

A pair of blue jean is a MUST attire in every wardrobe
No excuses to even any pregnant lady!
This is because, nowadays there are many comfy maternity jeans in store
It will make u still look cool & stylo (heheh)

While i was in search of my maternity jeans,
i went to many familiar pregnancy boutiques
eg Modernmum, Mom's Care and Funky Mom
and i finally found it at 9Months boutique.
It is really perfect as it have that faded blue i was looking for,
and it have that size too!

My criteria of 'perfect' maternity jeans :-
1. VERY-VERY Comfy (So i choose 1 larger size of my current fitting)
(Im only 5mths and have another 2-3 months expanding myself)
2. In my budget (Less RM200)
3. That adjustable wasteband

Woohoo... i felt 'chicky mom' already with my blue faded jeans!