Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A flower is born.

Iris Aryan was born on the 28th of Dec 2009 at around 10.30 am on a bright Monday morning. Iris is a type of flower that carries the meaning of Rainbow in ancient Greek era.

While Aryan derived from the word Arya’ carries the name of an ancient tribe whose mostly known of its intelligence and strong military movement.

Just like a flower, she lighten up many people heart including my heart who’s been longing to hug, hold and kiss someone as pure as she is for quite sometimes. At an instant I can feel a strong bond with this niece of mine with lots of love to shower upon her.

Salam to all...Alhamdulillah although there were some serious complications, Iris Aryan binti Mohd Ridzuan is safely born into this world on 28 Dec 2009. I can't believe that I have been blessed with the best gift of my life! She is my inner smile...;) – My beloved sister, on her new born announcement.


Nadya said...

Alhamdulillahh..congrats mya!!what a joyful moment and news!i hope both of you, the baby and mommy are doing well..a beautiful name for the precious one.enjoy the motherhood!=D

whitelily said...

congrats to u mya..!! have a wonderful and joyful moment with the new life..nice name huh..

Mrs. Amie said...

Congrats Mya! Nice name.. comel ok! welcome to the club!

Bibs and Bumps said...

Grr..happen to be sum misunderstanding..its not Mya's new born but Dyana's Niece. Mya is still counting her countdown moment..: )