Friday, December 25, 2009

Weight Gain

At 35 weeks and found myself OVERWEIGHT is so uncool!
I already took initiative of low carb diet (1 rice only a day)
But at this last trimester,
Im so craving into anything sweets&cheesy!

Ok!Ok! Ill try to control.
I really hope it is just water

I found this chart while googling but forgotten the source!

Weeks Weight gain (Pounds) Weight gain (kgs)

0-10 weeks No weight gain No weight gain
10-14 weeks 3-4 pounds 1.5 kg
14-20 weeks 4-6 pounds 2.5 kgs
20-30 weeks 10-12 pounds 4.5 kgs
30-36 weeks 6 pounds 2.7 kg
36-38 weeks 2 pounds 1.0 kg
38-40 weeks Almost no weight gain Almost no weight gain

Total 25-30 pounds* 12-14 kg

First trimester (0-14 weeks):
In early pregnancy, weight should remain constant (It could sometimes even fall due to lack of appetite and morning sickness). Real weight gain should begin only in the 10th week when the circulating blood volume begins to increase. Food intake will also increase as nausea and vomiting decrease by the 14th week. You must desist from eating wrong types of foods. Many doctors also recommend that you take supplements of vitamin B, iron, calcium and folic acid.

Second trimester (14-30 weeks):
Between the 20th and 30th weeks, you should be gaining approximately 4.5 kg ( or 1 pound a week). If you gain significantly more than 4.5 kgs in these 10, you could be heading for a condition called pre-eclamsia.

Third trimester (30-40 weeks):
Although you are still expected to gain less than 1 pound of weight a week, you may notice a dramatic increase in weight after the 30th week. This increase in weight is due to excessive fluid retention, one of the ills of pregnancy. Limited intake of fluids and salt, and keeping your bed elevated may help mitigate the fluid retention problem.

Weight gain decreases after the 35th week, and stops altogether after the 38th week. Many women even lose weight 7-10 days before labour due to a reduction in hormone levels.

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