Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fish Oil's benefit for mommy to be

Doc have been prescribed me with FISH OIL.
Hate the smell of it plus with that humageous size,
How can it go through my tiny throat!

But apparently i did some reasearch and found many benefit on it!

Some benefit i found
1.Help full potential of babies while still in womb
2.Improvement in brainpower and vocabulary among children exposed to fish oil supplements in womb
3.Reduced high blood preasure
4.Easing post natal depresesion
5.Support heart health

However, please get this prescribe by your gyne!


little miss kechik said...

yup... fish oil is super good for mommies.. kalu cannot telan.. telan je la scott's perisa oren.. hee

Kakakdegil said...

Omega 3 tu ker?
Memang besar kan
plus, the smell.. aiyarkkk

But, anythng for the lil tiny heart in the belly..