Friday, December 18, 2009

New thing happening in our lil crib

Never be seen before!
In my very own lil crib..
This small tiny winy cloths hanging!
Got 10 pairs of it!

(I have to make sure anything that will touch my yummy apple skin need to be washed!)
Well this base on her daddy have some minor skin sensitive issues


little miss kechik said...

awwww.. soo cute. i loveeee mittens & booties. i have addiction for them. and trust me.. 10 is not enough. take my word for it. dengan hilangnya lain.. dengan puke, spit, need more. and of course there will be moments "ala, takde mittens yang match dengan baju ni laaa" hahahahha

Bibs and Bumps said...

Ye ke!!!
Ok! will go to Mothercare and grab more!