Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What is IDEAL in Hospital Bag?

What whould be the IDEAL in our hospital bag ? (Recommended to be ready at 7months pregnancy)?

Ive been searching what would i pack? So ive asked around and google!
True is, it varies according to needs and requirement.
Si have finalize and filter that these, will be in My Hospital Bag :-

For Baby;
1. 3-4 pieces baby clothing
2. Baby blankets
3. Baby Socks
4. Baby Hat
5. Diapers
6. Baby bath/soaps
7. Bibs
8. Baby Wipes
9. Car Seat/ Baby carier for infant
10. Baby Towel
11. Baby bedung
12. Baby oils

For Mommy;
1. Toileteries & hair ties
2. Outfit to go home (Prefer strecthing shirts&pants maternity wear/yoga pants)
3. Knee Socks
4. Nursing Bra
5. Nipple Cleasing Pads
6. Maternity pads
7. Comb/ Make-up(If u think u'll feel up to it)
8. Sweater
9. Favourite Slippers
10. Air Zam Zam
11. Ipod
12. Telekung
13. Towel (3pcs set)

For Daddy;
1. Pyjamas/Sleepwear
2. Camera/ Video Cam
3. Digital Al-Quran
4. Sweater
5. Snacks (for him to kill time/eat)
6. Handphone & Charger
7. Day Wear

Note: This is my personal Hospital Bag.


Mrs. Amie said...

babe, nak tambah sket, thru my experience, baju baby avoid to bring the romper.. in case klu nak amik darah kat tgn, nnt pakai romper mcm susah..bwak yg short sleeve butang depan is the best.. pastu, dun forget ur breast pump.. kuar2 baby nak hisap susu.. but borink2 u boleh pump the milk.. huhuhu... take care dear! *klu i, sudah nervous skrg..huhuhu*

Bibs and Bumps said...

good point there Amie. May be i need to reconsider. Breast Pump kena yek.. Thought to buy it later once i alreday started to work. but should it be necessary, may be will need to put that into consideration as well..

Thanks Amie!

SHER said...

Haruskah dah risau, i due next month and blum ader apa2x lagi.

Thanks for sharing Mya & i better get my bag now too.