Monday, November 23, 2009

Finding the BEST - Baby Bottle

So i am gonna be a mother to my new & first baby (Insya Allah)
And being that, you always want to best for them.!

So,ive been googling around to read many reviews,
And ask many real mom..

Here are some recommended baby bottles;
1. Avent Baby Bottle

2. Tommee Tippee

3. Dr.Browns

4. MAM

5. Medela
All the Bottles above are FIT with the many new mum concern's :-
1. BPA Free
2. Naturally Nipples
3. Anti-Colic
Where to get these?
Many babyshops have sold this label lately.
Price differences are very minor.


Mrs. Amie said...

I used Tommee Tippee..! so far, Qaira loves it!

daliAsrul said...

a fren of mine adviced me not to buy the standard bottle from Dr Brown as it tends to leak at the side. however, the wide neck bottle is fine.

Bibs and Bumps said...

Hubby loves Tommee Tippee sleek design. Too bad it is not about his preference rite! Its what my 'yummy apple' loves!

From review DR.Brown is good bottle. But can be a lil bit leceh!

little miss kechik said...

i think the nipple plays a more important role.. especially if the baby's is breastfed..

Kakakdegil said...

Nonie pilih Tommy Tippee
From my reading.. maybe the best kut right now.

Nurul Izwah a.k.a ieWa said...

yeah! I choose bottle Tommee Tippee to Irfan. it suitable for baby fully breastfeed bcoz the teat designed feel of a mum's breast. Loves it!