Friday, May 7, 2010

Mom&Baby expo 2010

This will be my first time to be going this kind of expo.
Unsure what to expect but i'am excited..
I'll make sure i will not come back with an empty hand!
See u there momsy if you are going as well !!!

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Bibs and Bumps said...

Hey all.
Well here is my review on Mom&Baby Expo 2010 at Mid Valley.

Rating of the vendors, i would give 6/10. Bug label such as GRACO, MEDELA, AVENT and Fabulous MOM were there. But not much offer that to-die for.

For those momsy that is looking for eg insurance/stemcell and others, i guees its good that u visit to this expo. They offer free consultation.

I foundwhat i've been looking for, a baby sling booth by APOOTAERN. Memang ramai lah kat sana. I think i managed to speak to the creater herself. Sangat friendly. However those design were not the latest as she said really latets n nice one were sold yesterday. Since she do customization, i guess i would rather wait her latest collection via blog.

However to the organizer, i think they need to be consider conmfort of your visitors. Meaning this is not ordinary expo. 80% of the visitors walks in with their not so tiny stroller. Tak kira those parents yg 'selfish' stop in the middle of the walkaway causing jammed behind. So may be you should consider a wider walkway perhaps. In the end, we both did not enjoy it that much as my hubby&baby have to wait outside like the rest of the daddy.

So, i would rate may be 6/10 of this expo.

p/s: Online shopping ROCKS! (less hassle)